Go Fish

I changed my shell. Yet again.

This time it’s called fishfish. Funny name, but a great shell, nevertheless.

It’s a fork of the famous(?) fish shell and it has been beefed up with some nice features like autosuggestions (that aren’t a pain in the arse, for a change), syntax highlighting and a web configuration script. It’s pretty fast too. Give it a try here.

There are a few things to keep in mind though if you are switching from BASH. For example, .bashrc cannot be directly copied to fishfish’s config directory. This and some other subtleties are explained in their FAQ.

Give it a spin and see how it feels. I myself have moved to fishfish for good (yeah, how many times have we heard that before, right? :P).

Update (June/2013): One year later, I can safely say that this is *still* the best shell I have ever used. I don’t think I can ever go back to bash. Oh and BTW, I would highly recommend that you use the version available in their GitHub repo. The reason being that the downloadable tarball on their site is usually not up-to-date.


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