Wow. Things looketh different here.

Ah. Long, long time. * flexes fingers *.

Looks like tekguru has been on hiatus for over 2 years now. Wow. Never thought I’d be this busy. Or rather, this ignorant about my lovely blog. 🙂

Anyway, a LOT of things have happened in the interim. Far too numerous to list here in entirety. For starters, I moved to the U.S. for my graduate education (ha!), and I’ve spent a while in this wonderful place. A year and a half, to be precise.

Research has turned from merely being an “option” for me to being my full-time occupation. In case anyone is interested, I still work on Compilers, albeit with some Parallel Programming stuff and Auto Parallelization thrown in.

Technology-wise, well, how can things NOT change technology-wise if you move to the U.S of A? I bought my first smartphone a while back (a Motorola Atrix), a MacBook Air (ooh yeah! Review coming up soon.. hopefully), and *quick glance around room* of course, my beloved new DSLR (a Nikon D90) to name a few. On the operating systems side, I have switched to Mac OS X Lion (duh) and am loving it (again, a post on this soon hopefully). Other than that… ah never mind. Let’s keep the rest for another day/post.

That’s it for now I guess. I’m glad I decided to “randomly” log in to wordpress and see if they have deleted my account yet. Good to know they haven’t. Hopefully, I’ll take the hint and start blogging again. But then again, how can I promise something when doing a PhD? Perhaps I could blog about grad life (I know what you’re thinking.. I know). Hmm.. well let’s see.


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