Blah Blah

2 months since my last post.. and needless to say, I was rather busy 😉

Where do I start..? Ahh yes. After dreaming about laptops and shamelessly blabbering about how much I wanted one in every other post, I finally got my hands on a Sony Vaio CS-17 – The “Knight in Shining Black Armor” as my friend likes to call it. I’m too lazy to list out all its features so here’s a quick gist: It’s a Centrino 2, 3 gigs of RAM, 14.1″ display and 250 gig HDD. For those interested in knowing more, I point you to this page.

College-work has started to pile up like never before (they won’t take me alive!) and there’s lesser time for serious online stuff like blogging :P.

September was spent working on a Front-End for the AXEL download accelerator (I’ve uploaded the code at Sourceforge CVS. Here’s the link if you’re interested) …

.. and October on preparing for a seminar on “The Future of Human-Computer Interaction” and studying for internals. Now that I’ve got those outta my way, I can concentrate on my Main Project which is going to be something related to Facial Recognition. I’m hoping it doesn’t meet the same fate as my Twenty20 Cricket manager plan. Sigh.

Apart from all that, there’s GATE preparation (which is going nowhere as of now) and a bunch of features that I’m supposed to add to our college website (which ain’t going nowhere either).

In short, I long for the day when I can sit at home, watch a movie, relax and basically be my old lazy-ass self again.

P.S: Talking of Linux, I haven’t tried out Intrepid Ibex yet. Waiting for my broadband connection to arrive..


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