The Ubuntu Man

Well well well… Guess what? I’ve finally bid buh-bye to good ol’ faithful Debian. Ubuntu has taken its place now… not 8.04, but 7.10. Mr. Hoary Hedgehog refused to work correctly after I installed the nVidia drivers – Yeah that’s right, the Driver Dilemma all over again. I wonder when my lappy will arrive and put an end to this…

The version doesn’t matter much though. It’s all Ubuntu after all.. I have my sturdy 87.76 drivers working flawlessly – which is more than enough for me. The overall stability isn’t really top-notch but I can do without that I guess… No mission critical apps running on my PC. No sir πŸ˜‰

As usual, eye candy was top priority.. so without thinking twice I went for Enlightenment 17 (aka E17). I’m telling ya, it really blew my mind away! Animated wallpapers, icons, menus… animated everything! So much for the window manager dilemma.. Here’s a screenshot:

E17 on Gutsy
E17 on Gutsy

So it went on for a few days.. a few crashes here and there. Nothing out of the ordinary. And then it struck me.. I suddenly realized how s-l-o-w everything was.. Hell, even my bloated KDE of yester-years was far better! Turns out e17 had no Hardware acceleration. All that eye candy was eating up a sizeable chunk of my CPU time. So much for looks.

Somewhat hesitantly, I switched back to GNOME.. themed it up. Made it look like E17. I couldn’t get even close of course, but hey, it was hardware accelerated πŸ™‚

Here’s a screenie:

And that’s the story till now.. a GNOME user finally. Not something I fancied but as I said.. Speed is the magic word. The stability needs to improve but there’s really not much I can do… It’s the drivers.. or the RAM… or both. 😦


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