Distro Dilemma

It’s official now… I’ve had enough of Debian and am gonna switch – sometime next week probably. Not that I have anything against Debian – it’s a wonderful distro – but the human mind yearns for change every now and then. Can’t help it!

The thing I care most about is the user interface and eye candy. The number of applications I use regularly is actually pretty small. So it’s important that the system looks good while doing its job. All that means that I might change my Window manager (or Desktop environment, whichever is correct. I always get confused between the two) along with the distro. True, everything out there is infinitely customizable and you can make your Linux desktop look like anything you want in just a few hours… or even minutes. But then, it’s better if things look great right out of the box. Who has the minutes and hours? I’m laaazy 🙂

Until recently, I didn’t think twice about distros. I was sure that if I switched, I’d switch to Ubuntu. The decision still stands but the problem is that there are a ton of Debian/Ubuntu derivatives that are so damn good lookin’ !!

Take gOS, for example. Easy to use, includes almost all of Google’s apps, and looks really sexy! Or take a look at Elive. Or Dreamlinux… Mint. So many out there! And all based on either Ubuntu or Debian (almost the same thing). Here are a few samples:


More Screenshots >>


The Compiz Fusion and 3D rotating desktops are not important to me… since they won’t work on my system. Nvidia drivers don’t support my ancient board. Sigh.

Another very important requirement is low memory consumption. Debian, surprisingly, uses a lot of memory. I haven’t been able to get to the root of the problem as yet. Doesn’t matter now, though… GNOME and KDE are both bloated. I’m not sure about Enlightenment… but since it looks so good, I think I should give it a try soon.

Right now though, I’m confused. I’ll do a bit more research and see which Ubuntu derivative fits the bill. My current guess is I’ll go with gOS or Ubuntu 8.04 + Enlightenment. Let’s see…


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