Dream Land and Ubuntu Alpha

Ah the Vaio.. so damn good lookin’ !! All these days.. that I spent fancying laptops from “other” companies.. what a waste of time!

Hmmm.. I know this feeling all too well. Happens when I’m very close to getting a new gadget. A couple of years back, it was the phone. Now it’s the lappy. It’s quite typical of me to spend a few months researching various products (while simultaneously trying to come up with effective arguments to convince my dad.) until I find the perfect one.. and part of the research is dreaming.

Well, I better not talk too much about it since I’m pretty sure that 2 days hence, I’ll have changed to another company. (Though a MacBook seems to be the only competition right now).

In other news, Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) Alpha 1 came out this past week. The overall look of the GNOME desktop seems to have changed thanks to the transition to a darker theme. Changes from 8.04 include increased support for portable computers and mobile internet devices among others…

Link to Alpha1 Download Page
Screenshot Tour
A first look at 8.10 Alpha1

To be honest, the more I see of Ubuntu, the more I wonder: Why the hell am I still stuck with Debian? I have my reasons I guess… You can never learn Linux by avoiding the lovely (?!) command-line and config files. What say?

I’ve been using Debian for close to a year now. That’s more than enough experience with config files for me. I’m gonna switch. And I’m gonna switch soon. Ubuntu running on my Vaio.. ahhh! It’s back to Dreamland for me 🙂 I even managed to dig up a video – of Ubuntu running on Vaio. Heights of obsession…

In still other news, I’m busy learning PHP these days to fix our college website. (Yeah, it’s always fix the website when it comes to our coll.). So far so good. Pretty easy language to learn, PHP is… Let’s hope it stays that way when I get past the “Variables and Data Types” chapter 🙂


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