Awesome patches for W700

Alright. First things first.

I don’t take any responsibility for what you do to your W700i. Flashing the phone software will void its warranty. So try anything given on this (or the linked) page(s) at your own risk.

With that out of the way, let me get to good stuff. The other day I was wondering whether it was possible to remove the startup/shutdown sounds and images on the phone. I knew there was a VKP Patch for it somewhere.. So, as always, I asked Mr. Google for help. That’s when I stumbled upon this gold mine. Check it out:

SE-NSE Forums – W700 Patches

Cool eh? Close to 100 patches. Now you can make your w700i do almost anything you want. Just copy paste the code for the patch (from the correct CODE box) into a text editor, save it as [Filename].vkp and you’re good to go! Want to control the flash light using the camera button? No problemo! How about removing that annoying beep every 20 secs when using the Voice Recorder? *big grin*. There’s a patch for everything it seems. But don’t forget that some of the codes may not have been tested thoroughly. So they may break the phone. If that happens, just unpatch it using FAR or restore the original firmware (available in the Orkut community. Read on).

In case you don’t know what Flashing is or how it’s done, check out the following Orkut Community:

Orkut – Flashed W700i

There’s a 4Shared account (link available in the Community) that has all the stuff you’ll need.

Oh BTW I’ve applied the following patches so far without any probs:

  • Remove java Permission
  • Fast Rewind
  • Blue Battery
  • Change Font (small)
  • Manage player using handsfree
  • Disable Startup/Shutdown Sounds and Images
  • Remove Bluetooth accept files
  • Remove Voice Rec. Beep

Happy Flashing! 🙂


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