Projekt !?!

WordPress got a new interface.. yaay! Apart from the color change, they seem to have reorganized all those tabs and buttons. Looks pretty compact.. but would it make life easier? Only time can tell..

Something interesting happened today.. after starting off with an income tax calculator, and moving onto a wiki-blog (whatever that means) to a kiosk to GIS.. we all finally arrived at a consensus. An IPL Manager. That’s what we’ll do. Oh Yeah !!

Don’t ask. Just read on..

Hmmm… let’s see. What happens when you ask 4 lazy-ass guys to team up for a project and tell them to finish it in 3-4 months? Add to it the fact that no one has any idea what the project is gonna be !?! Disaster of course. And so the story starts..

Like all good lazy-ass people, our group of 4 (say, A, B, C and D) wasted 90% of the time on the most important thing.. wondering (a half-hearted attempt at wondering, rather) what our project’s gonna be all about.

Tired and exhausted (by the wondering), we approached a helpful little teacher (say G, for guide. Ah creative genius, me!) for suggestions. He pointed us straight to an old accomplice of his (oops, i meant friend) who was apparently waiting with a project in hand. ABCD were happier than happy.

The guy (say M.. actually never mind. Forget M. M’s not gonna come up again in this story) ran a small consulting firm somewhere (don’t ask, I forget the name of the place). ABCD entered .. and left the place. In half an hour… Well Mr. M (oops) apparently wanted a “paperless office” and his project involved nothing more than creating a big database (something that he could do) and entering some data into it (something his assistant could do). We needed something more than that.. lest we’ll all fail with less than 50 out of those precious 150 marks.

Fortunately, the time constraint got us all into “thinking mode”. A came up with exotic ideas like a KIOSK that could control all the college’s functions. Too bad we had to finish the project before 2020!

B, which would be me, came up with simple ideas as well.. like an email server cleverly disguised as a so-called “group information system”. Too bad, everyone was able to figure certain things out.

C and D.. well never mind!

With time running out, A and B started searching for existing projects. B found out that he could disguise a blogging engine (by calling it a wiki-blog) cleverly enough that A, C and D would never come to know. A suggested doing some micro-controller thingy that even G couldn’t understand. Ouch.

And then it happened. ABC and D decided to meet up one day and do some serious brainstorming. But being the lazy-ass idiots that ABCD were, they just ended up getting more confused. Which is when Mr. X (of another project group) decided to pay us a visit (darn spies!). We asked X if he had any ideas up his sleeve.. and the words he uttered following that just made our day. ABC and D finally agreed on something!! X, being the soccer-manager addict that he was, suggested that we work on a cricket equivalent.. you know, one in which you can build your own team and pit them against others. Suddenly, everyone (read C and D) started pouring in ideas. “Man, can’t we assign real world attributes to the players”… “Would there be copyright problems if we took it online?”…….

Everyone was happy, including X (after all, we needed him the most). B even decided to write a blog post about everything that happened.. How sweet of him.

Side NOTE: The 2nd part will cover how ABC and D got together to do the planning, design and coding. The 3rd and final part will discuss how they took IPL Manager online and became millionaires overnight. Stay tuned… 😉


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