Whew.. Finally!

KDE users rejoice! For I, have found a way to make GTK (GNOME) apps on KDE look prettier. Alright, Mr.Google here helped me a bit.. but still..

There’s this neat app called gtk-qt-engine that applies KDE fonts and styles to GTK apps when run within KDE. Sweet! Been looking for something like this ever since I installed Etch almost a year back. GNOME apps used to look just plain horrible inside KDE. Particularly the fonts.. Not anymore!

Package Details:

The GTK-Qt Theme Engine (also known as gtk-qt-engine) is a GTK 2 theme engine that calls Qt to do the actual drawing. This makes your GTK 2 applications look almost like real Qt applications and gives you a more unified desktop experience.

Please note that this package is targeted at KDE users and therefore provides a way to configure it from within KControl.


# aptitude install gtk-qt-engine

After installing, there’ll be a new entry inside “Appearances and Themes” inside KDE Control Center. Apply the styles, log out and log back in. GTK apps should look great now..!


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