HOWTO: Change BootSplash themes in Debian

Wokay.. now here’s an easy way to change the active bootsplash theme in Debian. Most of you might have figured this out already.. but still. Here goes..

NOTE: In case you haven’t enabled bootsplash screen support in Debian, check out this article:

Boot Splash in Debian

Follow these steps:

1. First download a bootsplash theme you like. From for example..

2. Extract the downloaded archive to /etc/bootsplash/themes/

For eg:
cd ~
sudo tar -C /etc/bootsplash/themes/ -xvzf [Archive name].tar.gz

3. Make sure the theme folder contains the following directories:

  • /images
  • /config

Inside the config folder, make sure there’s a file named bootsplash-[Your resolution].cfg. For eg, bootsplash-1024×768.cfg or bootsplash-1280-1024.cfg

4. Now type in the following commands (root permission required. Use sudo/su):

cd /etc/bootsplash/themes
mv current cur_old
ln -s '/etc/bootsplash/themes/[Ur-Theme-Folder]' current

5. Almost done. We need to update the initramfs now:

sudo update-initramfs -u -k $(uname -r)

All done!


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