Random Thoughts

While listening to my walkman after dinner (something I do every night), it just struck me that re-reading programming tutorials is not going to make me a “top coder”. I have to start writing actual, useful code. And that’s something I haven’t done since age 14. Oh yeah.. I really was a good coder back then. Not that I built a BASIC interpreter or anything, but you know, little apps that made me realize what a beautiful thing programming really was !?

Where do I start? I wondered.. Of course I didn’t want to start off on a project from scratch. That almost always ends in a project folder with one .c file in it having really useful code – 2 curly braces and an int main. How about modifying existing apps? That was the way to go.. or maybe do some web-based stuff. With everyone looking for AJAX developers, I’d never have any dearth of projects. Good idea!

So that’s it.. I need to learn AJAX and LAMP and start working on web-based stuff. Things should be pretty easy since I already was familiar with PHP and Perl. Nice. But then disaster struck. Nya I didn’t get brain cancer, just that my university declared the dates for our next exam. And it was the following week. So that meant I had to abandon all the beautiful plans for now and concentrate on x86 assembly language programming.. Something that’s so interesting that programming in it for more than an hour will literally guarantee a bed at the mental asylum.

As of now, I’m still swimming (about to drown actually) in the merky waters of MOV’s and JMP’s. But when it’s all over.. I should be able to come back to LAMP and AJAX. Hopefully. Sigh.

Meanwhile I had thought of creating a “scrapbook jumper” for orkut. Something that’d let you jump to any page in your scrapbook instantly. But I still can’t for the life of me figure out how the pages are encoded into the URL. Analyzing the URL’s, just made no sense. If some one finds a pattern, then please let me know.. I’d love to do the coding part – even if it has been done before. 🙂

And as for Debian vs. Winsuck (love that name), the battle’s still on. I still haven’t switched over completely, but the signs indicate a pretty imminent uninstallation – of Winsuck 😉


One thought on “Random Thoughts

  1. I do agree that when you flash your mobile phone and something else happens than expected it makes you skip a heartbeat or 2

    I too flashed my Motorola V3i,man the adrenalin gush was awesome !

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