Debian reloaded..

Alright.. where do I start? These few days have been anything BUT boring. Listen to this.. I updated my kernel to the latest version, installed a more recent video driver (I can play Quake 3 now yaay) and added a bootsplash screen to dear debian. Oh and not to forget a lot of tiny tweaks that I made.. like moving /boot to its own partition etc.

Describing how I did all that would make this post horrendously big, not to mention the fact that there are a *lot* of good HOWTO’s out there to make life easier. I guess it’d be better if I just posted the links that I followed.. and write a few little HOWTO’s of my own 🙂

Kernel recompile:

Adding a bootsplash screen:
HOWTO by yours truly coming up shortly.. mostly copy-paste but with a few additional pointers.

Moving /boot to its own partition:
HOWTO coming up soon..

Update: Moving /boot to its own parition

Well it’d be safe to say now that I’m actually starting to love linux after all these years – and better still, I’m starting to hate Winsuck 😉


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