Back to windows? nyaaah

It gets boring when everything actually *works* .. don’t you agree? Debian’s working flawlessly on my system for the past week or so – requiring no tinkering at the command line, no restarts and no crossed fingers. Now that’s a good thing.. but experience shows that I am at a very dangerous juncture.

You see, when everything works – in linux, it’s like you are working in Windoze. You dial the modem (that’s right guys, I’m still on dial-up – well GPRS actually but the speed is the same), open Opera, start browsing, start the IM client and so on. Then, all of a sudden, you feel like playing GTA – and that’s when all the “I love tux” chants start dying down in your head. Now I won’t start all over again about the lack of gaming support in linux.. that’s not what I want to point out this time.

What is important here, is that for doing day-to-day tasks, it really doesn’t matter which OS you use. And when the OS doesn’t matter, people tend to stick to environments that they are comfortable in (read Windoze). Who can blame them? Everyone I know was introduced to computers in a familiar fashion – “Look kids, this is a computer and this is the all-powerful *windows* that controls the hardware and blah blah”. No one ever mentions linux or even what an OS is for that matter. With that mindset engraved in all newbies, it becomes difficult to switch.

Well I guess I should be happy that this time atleast, I didn’t run back to mama so soon. And I don’t intend to either – not anytime soon atleast. Thanks to my diminishing interest in PC games. Besides, I still have to try out the new 8776 driver.. that should bring back the excitement (as in CLI, crossed fingers etc) hehe..

Meanwhile Mr. Windows is failing to boot up half the time. I guess adding a few lines to fstab did the trick ;).


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