iKandy on Debian

Now here’s something really surprising… Debian actually behaving the way I want it to. After the driver drama (mentioned in my previous post), I was of the opinion that Debian really is for hardcore geeks. Well either my opinion has changed or I’ve changed into a – ya you guessed it!

After reverting back to an old video driver (which worked, surprisingly) I decided to beautify my KDE desktop. I had tried it earlier on SuSE.. with great results. But Debian – I was sure something would go wrong. And go wrong it did.

The problem was that my desktop had suddenly turned unstable. Applications crashing, hell, even refusing to open up, strange lines appearing on the desktop etc.. Heyyy wait. strange lines? That meant only one thing – the buggy driver wasn’t uninstalled properly. And I was right. After a bit of Googling (sorry to verbify google but I’m kinda used to it now), I managed to clear the debris and reinstalled the driver. This time everything was working – atlast.

On to the beautification part now. The first step is fixing the fonts. The default ones that come with most distros suck. Not to mention the rendering of the fonts themselves – sucks as well. Thanks to some great articles like this one I was able to fix the rendering issues and install MSTT (Microsoft TrueType) fonts in no time. After this, everything else is a breeze. Install aterm (try sudo aptitude install aterm on Debian / Ubuntu), a few KDE themes such as Baghira (check out the links at the bottom), Superkaramba etc. and you’re all set. Oh and not to forget good wallpapers (Golden rule: when you want wallpapers, head to deviantArt.com).

Here’s my desktop (this is without karamba enabled):

KDE + Aterm

Some sites that should prove helpful:

KDE-Look.org – Great site if you are a KDE user
lynucs.org – A good site for “inspiration” 🙂
Aterm – The terminal with truly extreme configuration possibilities.


2 thoughts on “iKandy on Debian

  1. Do ya use Yahoo Messenger???

    I think that is Kubuntu,I too use Kubuntu so can you help me with all the uber effects???

  2. My distro’s Debian actually. It’s not very different from Kubuntu tho. The whole Ubuntu family is based on Debian.

    Oh n’ I’d love to help you out.. my Yahoo ID’s: saurav_mask

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