So there you go.. I just spent 4 days trying to get my video card drivers working in Debian. And guess what? The driver itself turned out to be buggy.

All I wanted was to get Compiz and Beryl working on my box. Guess it was too much to ask for. I won’t blame Debian for it. Or linux for that matter – after all, it was because of the drivers. And besides I got to learn so many new things about Linux. Sigh.

During these days I realized that troubleshooting in linux is nearly 10 times more difficult and takes a hundred times more time than in Windows. Not to mention the hundreds of commands you need to type, the files you need to edit and so on. I had always heard new users complaining about this. Now I know first hand.

But that’s the price you have to pay to become a pro at linux/unix. Quite unlike becoming a windows expert – something that can be accomplished at age 14 by a bit of tinkering around.

Guess I’ll have to abandon my Compiz dreams till the folks at nVidia release a fix or worse – until I buy a new lappy :(.


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