Fwee Software

Free software. Please note, free as in “free speech, free country” and not “free beer” blah blah.. been hearing this ever since this whole concept was introduced in India. Every time I attend a seminar on FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) or anything related to it (mind you, I’ve attended a LOT of seminars and workshops on this), I hope, I pray – that this whole thing starts making some sense.. because everytime, the people on stage seem to be pretty excited about it all – apparently this whole fwee softie thing is a bigg revolution, promising to deliver better software n’ kick out all commercial monopoly.

But somehow I’ve never supported all this, no matter how logical their reasoning turns out to be. To be honest, I’ve never even UNDERSTOOD it, let alone taking sides. Every time I try to put forward an argument (which I feel is enough to knock the guys on stage off their feet), they knock me out instead with counter-arguments.. leaving me embarrassed – be it in an online forum, or in a seminar in front of ma batchmates.

Well I don’t intend to commit the same mistake again – of presenting another downside of FOSS – I’ll just accept the fact that I’m probably still not mature enought to understand the “social service” that FOSS is providing. Till then, I’ll just view FOSS as another thing that’s gonna leave me jobless in the future.


3 thoughts on “Fwee Software

  1. Nice post..But plz temme y dont u like it??I dont want to debate but atleast temme ur viewpoint..
    Abe i want to install latest n best linux…temme which version..it wud b gr8 if u cud provide a link for its download..aajkal net kuch zyaada hi fast aa raha hai(300KBps)..

  2. As I said.. there’s no point in presenting my views on FOSS coz the folks there *always* have something to say..

    I just don’t seem to like it.. because as far as I’m concerned, I’d never work on such code – atleast rite now – except for some meagre student projects..

  3. Oh n’ regarding the distros… I suggest goin’ with Mandriva. It has native support for XGL/Compiz (remember those 3d rotating desktops?)..

    Suse 10.2 comes in 2nd

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