Aye, karamba!

Now here’s one site that got me drooling. Lynucs.org. Whoever said linux isn’t as pretty as Windows ought to get his eyes checked. (I remember saying that long back but not anymore). Couple this with a great article on “fonts on linux” that I stumbled upon today and you’ve got a perfect looking desktop. Customizing linux for eye-candy is definitely more work, but man is it worth it or what! Expect a mini-tutorial on customizing KDE by yours truly soon.. ciao. Now back to droooooling.


5 thoughts on “Aye, karamba!

  1. Just dropping by to post a comment (hope u won’t mind!!). ‘Tech stuff’’ isn’t really my cup of tea, but I did have a wrong impression that Linux wasn’t pretty enough! ( That was before I saw this post)

  2. Really gr8 to see that atleast someone is actually reading the articles :-). Do check out the YouTube video as well (link given in previous post). Though I can’t figure out how practical the so-called “3d desktop” concept would be.

  3. I think I know what u are talking about! I get slightly sad when few of my entries in 360 get less noticed!! After going through all your posts, I’ve decided to get some taste of Linux! I think I’ll try if I can find a copy of Linux Bible from our school Library! ….I got a glimpse of the you-tube video…it’s slightly long for a dial up user like me!! LOL…I’ll check it later!!
    Back to tech-talk ….do u think I should get span rate of my mouse up to 200?? Right now it’s stuck at 100! I saw in one of your posts it’s better to leave it at the peak!!
    So when are u returning???
    Lets dance!!!!!

  4. Oh ya definitely. Improving the scan rate would make the mouse way more responsive in XP. That’s one of the problems in linux. Meddling with scan rates and mouse resolution is a bit intimidating in linux. Still haven’t found any good solution.

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